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Kandeer School
'Learning to Grow'                                                                        Information Package (pdf, 324 KB)


Kandeer School is a School for Specific Purposes in Albury and caters for students with emotional and behavioural disorders from Year 5 in Primary School to Year 10 in High School.
We offer an alternative educational approach, developing individual programs for each student catering for all key learning areas. We strive, through Quality Teaching to find innovative ways to engage our students to meet educational and Life Skills Outcomes.
Our mission is, "To make a positive difference in the lives of our students by empowering them to make appropriate choices."
A Personalised Learning Plan is developed for each student. We strive to provide a compassionate, caring nuturing environment and to make every student feel safe and valued.

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Our philosophy is based on the understanding that all young people have a right to an education. We also understand that some children find a mainstream school environment difficult and do not learn in the same way as others. All of our students have difficulty with social, emotional and communication skills and require strategies to learn how to interact effectively in group situations.

We value a teamwork approach to the students' education and encourage parent/carer and community involvement in our educational programs.

We know that our students learn from hands-on experience and we offer practical skills and the opportunity to participate in community based programs. We aim to successfully transition our students into mainstream settings, TAFE or the workforce.

The success of our motto, 'Learning to Grow,' is not only determined by our students experiencing success in all aspects of the program, including participation, developing appropriate social skills and achieving educational outcomes, but also from growing personally.